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Our History

Located in the historic Bon Marché (1923-1937) and Ivey’s (1937-1975) department store building, after significant renovations and attention to detail, the classic-revival style Haywood Park Hotel opened its doors in 1985.  The iconic heritage of Asheville’s first department store, coupled with the modern conversion into a boutique hotel, represents over 90 years that our location has been a flagship destination for those seeking the finest in quality and the highest of service.  This tradition is at the core of what we at the Haywood Park Hotel provide our guests.

When the Bon Marché opened in the 1920s, dignitaries and celebrities from throughout the world ventured to fashionable Asheville seeking roaring good times and sweet mountain air.  It was a time in history of innovation, style, consumerism, individual fame, and fortune.    Hometown favorite author Thomas Wolfe was quoted as saying, “…the Bon Marché is such a landmark in Asheville life...I know that it has always stood with the women-folk at home for the best in merchandise and fashion…”  It was the Jazz Age, the days of flappers, prohibition, speakeasies, and the Charleston; and the Bon Marché ushered in Asheville’s Golden Age of style and fashion.

Stylish living and attire continued to be the custom when Ivey’s Department Store took over occupancy in 1937 and the store remained at the forefront of good taste until it relocated in the mid-1970s.  Ivey’s was a North Carolina-based department store founded in 1900.

Today, the Haywood Park Hotel honors its rich unique history, by delivering exceptional guest experiences and luxurious amenities.  The hotel celebrates its days as a Bon Marché and Ivey’s by showcasing displays where the mannequins feature fashions and accoutrements of days gone by.